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eScribers was established in 2020 to consolidate the fragmented court room reporting and transcription industry.  The company specializes in developing technological tools with personalized client service, resulting in the highest quality, cost effective transcription solutions.

eScribers offers end-to-end transcription solutions to meet the needs of clients. From sending audio files to the delivery of formatted and certified transcripts, eScribers provides a seamless and transparent process in which each transcript can be tracked every step of the way.


  • People: Key executive hires across Finance, Business Development, Operations, and Technology departments
  • Technology:  Significant dedicated resources and focus on a proprietary workflow system and transcription software tools
  • Inorganic growth: Have expanded geographically, increased wallet share with current customers, and acquired new key accounts via acquisition of the following companies:

Initial Platform
January 2020

Add-on Acquisition August 2020

Add-on Acquisition September 2020

Add-on Acquisition February 2021

Add-on Acquisition, November 2022

Add-on Acquisition, January 2023

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